I’m doing fine. Why do you even ask?

Whats not to like about right now? It got up to 19 degrees today.

Nah, haven’t been reading the news or anything. Just staying in my lane and grinding.

How’s comedy going? How about you go fuck yourself!

Anyway, great to hear from I’m gonna go, well, I’m just gonna go lay down.

The world has run its course and we are at the end of history. The pyramids will be sanded down the same as the 57th street skyscrapers. With no vision for the future, we crumble into our mythical past. One where things were simple, the lightning bugs beckoned us back to our parents houses before the streetlights could.

As a generation, millennials were raised under the same assumption that boomers were raised under: that progress is linear.

But that turned out to be a lie.

We, as a generation, were told that if we worked hard, got educated, and saved our money that our future would be bright. And, it very much could have been. It was true for boomers, why couldn’t it be true for us?

But, there’s a great distinction between the boomers and every generation that came before them.

Past generations built stone houses to leave to their families long after they were gone. Boomers built themselves golden tombs to seal their families inside, alive.

I have been grappling a lot with the end recently. The end of art, the end of culture, the end of democracy, the end of civilization, and, finally, the end of mankind.

I think everyone, to an extent, feels that time is running short. There is a pall that has…

Davidson Boswell

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