Area Man with Multiple Concussions writes Powerful Op-Ed about the Case for Optimism

Davidson Boswell, an unemployed New Yorker, has sustained multiple head injuries over the course of his lifetime.

“I remember the first time I got a concussion,” The upbeat millennial reflected as he stood near the Myrtle- Broadway subway tracks in a late-August snowstorm.

“The day was September 11th 2001. I had been watching tv all day and decided to go on the swingset. Next thing I know, Im being loaded on to a Ambulance. I don’t remember what else happened that day.”

Getting on to the train now, the conductor announced that, due to flooding, the train would he moving within the “next hour.”

This gave Davidson another chance to extoll the virtues of the philosophy of optimism.

“My family lived in New Orleans about 16 years ago. My second concussion happened when my mom’s car floated into a light pole and I cracked my head on the dashboard.”

“It was around this time that I began to have a more optimistic view on life. I had just started playing tackle football and, with every head to head collision came a new thing to be thankful for. For instance, bringing democracy to both Afghanistan and Iraq, saving the international banking system with our tax dollars, and Nancy Pelosi’s clap backs. There are just so many cases of humanity rising to meet the crisises that we face.

With that, the train began to move. Davidson turned his head to me and said, “see, the trains are still running on time — just like in 1930’s Italy.” He said this with a winning smile, and then puked.

“Sorry, he said, the bright lights on the train make me nauseous.”



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