Iconic: This Senator Won’t Back Down to The Far Left Mob That Want “To Feed Their Families”

We at Fox have been impressed as of late with the resolve of the bi-sexual icon, Krysten Sinema. In the face of overwhelming pressure from the people who elected her, she stands firm against passing any sort of legislation that would help them.

Here are some choice excerpts from our interview with the maverickess

“Instead of serving them food, how about you serve them looks? Hard to be hungry when you look so good”

Sinema explained as she donned her purple wig.

“We have an entitlement problem in this country. The children want food, and the elderly want to be able to hear and have teeth.”

Where does it end, she wondered. Are people really so lazy that they cant work from age eight until they die? Her point was emphasized by the sound of her butterfly doors opening to her lime-green Ferrari.

“Lime green to match my bag,” Sinema explained.

“I will never stop fighting for common sense reforms for the people who helped me get here,” she said. The doors closing and the V12 engine revving.

“My donors.” She mouthed through the tented windows. Then she drove away.




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Davidson Boswell

Davidson Boswell

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