What Are All the Low-Skill, Uneducated “Workers” So Angry About?

I’ve noticed something lately. People that serve me are angry. The question is, why?

Last week, as I went to to dine in the NY Times cafeteria with a colleague, the cashier (who’s name escapes me now) checked us out with a bad attitude. No, “hello sir, how are you?” no “cold weather today, huh?” just a downcast expression and a solemn ringing up of my quinoa salad.

I talked about it with the editorial desk at the Times and my cohort all said they had similar experiences lately.

Last month, the menial laborer who installed Maggie Haberman’s marble back splash, did so in a militant way, with no compliments about her taste in interior design or even an offer to work overtime.

Yesterday, Michael Barbaro’s company car driver refused to engage with his interview request about the worker shortage and even asked him to use his bathroom when they arrived in Montauk.

Something has definitely changed in our relationship to the uneducated worker. I’m determined to find out what.

In this episode of the Ezra Klein show, I interview Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan to figure out what has got the common man so flustered. Take a listen.



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